Commercial Real Estate For Sale Lake Norman.
(Transcript Of My Commercial Real Estate For Sale Lake Norman YouTube Video)

New Lake Norman Commercial Real Estate listing for sale. Medical Office Condo For Sale. Retail Condo For Sale. Office Condo For Sale. Lake Norman NC Cornelius NC. Listing Price: $399,900 price does NOT include the salon equipment. Salon equipment can be purchased for $30,000. Address: 19900 West Catawba Avenue Suite 104, Cornelius, NC 28031 Commercial Real Estate for sale Lake Norman, North Carolina. That is what we are going to be talking about today. Hi Charlotte and Lake Norman area of friends. I have a brand new medical, retail, office condo listing. It just came on the market in the Lake Norman Cornelius area. And in my 71st consecutive weekly video I just wanna give you a quick tour of this amazing commercial condo and I call it commercial condo because it could be medical, it could be retail, it could be office so there’s just got a lot of flexibility with this one to put you is pretty cool. Okay, now let’s get started with this. Okay. I just kind of wanna be a little generic about this specifics on this because, well we just got it listed. So we’re just kinda getting some things wrapped up. So I’ll put details down below, as far as the list price, the exact street address and all that, so just look in the description down below this video and you’ll be able to see all the details. But here it is on this amazing stretch of West Catawba Avenue. Okay. Average daily traffic count from the 2019 count 29,500 average daily cars, right along this road and the commercial condo which is in this vicinity basis here and you have direct access. There’s a door that you can come even park here and come walking right here and come in from West Catawba Avenue. So this is huge, amazing first floor. Okay. You don’t have to mess with an elevator. It’s an amazing space. Okay. So it is about 1,580 square feet. It tell you that, it has two private offices, it has a private restroom, it has a amazing like kitchen, break room that there is this photograph right here. This is actually coming in from one of the two entrances from the parking lot. You come in, right in through the little lobby and this is what you see from the nice glass door there. Okay. So coming in from the other side like I pointed from the front on West Catawba Avenue this is the entrance, come in and this is what you see right here. So it is set up as a salon maybe you wanna keep it retail, maybe you wanna to be office, maybe medical office. There’s lots of different potential users needed double-check with the covenants of restrictions and the condo association of course, if you’ve got a potential use in mind just to make sure that that’s something that they would allow. But there are lots of different uses in this commercial condo complex. So office retail, medical. Okay. Take another look. Okay. You see right here light bright there’s a huge open area lots of flexibility, right? So maybe if you didn’t wanna have it as a salon there’s so many different things you could do with it. Or if you wanna keep it a salon. The furniture that you see here, the chairs, all these stations that is negotiable. It’s not included in the sales price but the owner has put a price on this information. So I’ll just try and put that in the comments down below as well. So if you’re interested you could get the whole thing, right? Just turn key ready to go, rock and roll. Okay. Here you see, this is looking out over a West Catawba Avenue, light bright I mean, look at these windows, this is huge. So tons of natural light coming in. Okay. This is looking from the back kind of towards the front. Those were the windows that we were just looking at. Look at this right in here, huge open expansive area, lots of flexibility here you can kind of peek and see. Here’s one of the private offices there’s another one right beside it. Yeah. So right here, there is one private office. Here’s another one, I mean they’re using it right now for this is like electrolysis and this is hair extensions but nonetheless, you have two private offices right there. Okay. This is looking from the rear entrance. Like we talked about the break room right here looking through here, you see there’s private restroom there. They have some sinks and substations set up there. Private restroom, very important. Very nice to have within your own suite. And then this is an overview. So you kind of see right here, here is 77 exit 28. Okay. So you come right along here, right there boom. That’s where we are on West Catawba Avenue. So if you turn right here and all this and then like Norman. So it’s an amazing commercial condo that we have for sale. So I know it’s a little generic, but I’ll put a lot of the details down below on this medical condo, retail condo, office condo, commercial condo. LET’S CONNECT! Email: Phone: 704-277-5333 Jeff Taylor, Commercial Real Estate Broker ‚ÄčAffiliated w/ NorthGroup Real Estate Inc. 13903 South Old Statesville Road Huntersville, NC 28078-3934